Walking and Tasting Boston’s Freedom Trail

Boston's North End's Italian Cuisine Makes the Trail Tasty

Boston’s Freedom Trail leads largely through Boston’s North End, a neighborhood that comprises Boston’s “Little Italy”. While the trail focuses on the history that lead to America’s independence, you can’t avoid the Italian culture. And Italian culture infers Italian food.

The red bricks of the Freedom Trail goes right by numerous restaurants in Boston’s North End, like upscale Ristorante Fiore, Mamma Anna’s, and pizza and wine restaurant La Familigia Spagnoulo Italian Restaurant. Of course you might leave the trail to thoroughly explore the North End’s cuisine.

Hanover Street is the North End’s main street, where you can easily find well-known dining options. Mike’s is perhaps the best known Italian bakery in the area — always packed with people waiting for tiramisu, cannoli, and zepoli, always in distinctive string-tied boxes. Perhaps a larger meal might include stopping at an more priced restuarnt like Ristorante Bella Vista, where a filling meal won’t empty your wallet. Or maybe visit a very casual Caffe dello Sport for espresso or gelati.

…you can dine on pasta Bolognese as prepared in the village of Serralunga di Crea…

If your budget an handle an upscale restaurant, most Bostonians would recommend four-diamond restaurant Mamma Maria, where you can dine on pasta Bolognese as prepared in the village of Serralunga di Crea or silky pasta agnolotti filled with fresh Maine lobster, finished with wild mushrooms, and crumbled guanciale.

Yummy Walks, a Boston company that combines walking sightseeing tours with food tasting, presents their Foods of the Freedom Trail tour. The tour explores the Freedom Trail sites from the Boston Common to the Old North Church while tasting typical New England cuisine as it has been revolutionized for today’s Boston food scene. Included are off the beaten path mom and pop establishments that locals frequent as well as iconic eateries and restaurants. Besides the great food, guests learn the history, culture, architecture, and entertainment offerings of a specific neighborhood.

The walk takes you past 14 significant landmarks. You will see churches, cemeteries and meeting halls while learning about the Boston Common, the North End and other unique neighborhoods. Participants follow the Freedom Trail to the Old North Church and visit six restaurants and shops that serve generous portions of not only the North End Italian cuisine, but also traditional New England and Boston fare. Some of the foods enjoyed may include lobster bisque, Boston baked beans, Boston cream pie cupcakes and other delicious foods reflecting the Italian heritage of the North End.

However you choose to explore the Freedom Trail, the hike is bound to make you hungry, so why not enjoy the restaurants along the way?

Foods of the Freedom Trail Yummy Walk is available at www.yummywalks.com. Tours last three hours and are offered all year, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 1:00pm. Tours are limited to 16 people to allow for a more intimate experience. Group and private tours are available and foreign language tours for private groups are available. Phone: (781) 239-9920

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