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Walking Boston's Freedom Trail

Recent studies show that the human brain retains more facts when learned while indulging in some physical activity, such as jumping, running and walking. USA history could be included in this theory, and you may just learn and remember enough about the American Revolution to win game shows while walking Boston’s Freedom Trail!

Four kilometres and hundreds of years ago

The distance is a mere four kilometres, yet it packs in more about the American Revolution than any single class ever did – just perfect for those who like getting to know a country by walking. USA visitors with a keen interest in the nation’s past will surely appreciate the sacrifices that heroes of the past made in order to gain freedom.

A red – mostly brick – path through downtown Boston linking 16 historical sites, including graveyards, old churches and a naval frigate, the entire Freedom Trail can definitely be covered within a day of walking. USA history buffs, however, will want to divide the sites to perhaps four or five a day as each of the stops is of great significance to the American Revolution.

The Freedom Trail Route

Boston Common is where the trail begins and where you’ll start walking. USA’s oldest public park, a favourite meeting place of people from the Revolutionary era until now, and often the site of concerts, public protests, softball games and other formal or informal gatherings.

The other 15 stops on Boston’s Freedom Trail are:

•    Massachusetts State House – the State capitol and seat of government Park Street Church

•    Granary Burying Ground – the site of Paul Revere’s grave

•    King’s Chapel

•    King’s Chapel Burying Ground – the city’s oldest cemetery

•    Benjamin Franklin statue  (and former site of the country’s first public school, Boston Latin School)

•    Old Corner Bookstore

•    Old South Meeting House – the meeting point for the Boston Tea Party

•    Old State House – the oldest surviving public building in Boston, and seat of the first elected legislature in the Americas

•    Site of the Boston Massacre

•    Faneuil Hall – “The Cradle of Liberty” and  site of famous revolutionary speeches by Samuel Adams and James Otis,

•    Paul Revere House – where Paul Revere began his famous ride

•    Old North Church – where the “one if by land, two if by sea” warning lanterns were hanged

•    Copp’s Hill Burying Ground – the city’s second oldest and burial site of notable Colonial era figures

•    Bunker Hill Monument

•    USS Constitution.

Don’t Stop With The Freedom Trail!

Boston’s Freedom Trail is just one stop among many in a country with a colourful and fascinating history that’s best discovered while walking. USA holidays with guided walks through different cities in the different states are also available, offering you a wealth of choices for an experience that is not only fun and exciting, but educational to boot.

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