Don’t let the stresses of the holidays get to you

Ten Holiday Stress Reducers

Christmas is approaching faster than we would like, but we can somehow survive the onslaught of shopping, wrapping presents, family gatherings, and getting through our everyday workload. We ask ourselves, “How am I going to get through the next few weeks and still be able to shop for presents? Decorate my home? Wrap? Bake? Cook? Visit old friends? Go to work every day and try to maintain some sanity? And, above all, still have time for myself?

Well, it is possible, if you know how to keep balance in your life and just “Laugh a Little More.” Take time to enjoy the moment and not get caught up in the drama and chaos all around us. It’s all about learning how to manage stress in a healthy way and still be able to do what needs to be done.

The key to managing stress does involve some laughter and also learning how to take time to just breathe. Isn’t it strange that we forget to take those deep, cleansing breathes that clears the fog in our brains? Once I started to “breathe” I was able to look at things a lot more clearly and it also reduced my stress immensely.

I am pretty good at keeping balance in my life these days. It took me a while to learn this trait, but once I did, my life flowed a lot more smoothly. I learned that you need to do something good for yourself every day. Even if it is just having a cup of coffee or tea all alone for 15 minutes during the day, it is quality time.

By doing little things like this daily, it creates the balance that you need in your life. And, by having balance in your life, you reduce your stress levels.

Try following these 10 Little Commitments to Reduce Stress and see if it changes your lifestyle:

  1. Take a breather
  2. Take time to share good news
  3. Tune out pessimistic thoughts
  4. Turn negative situations into opportunities for learning
  5. Tap into your lighter side
  6. Dance a little
  7. Take on projects with enthusiasm
  8. Talk less and listen more
  9. Tame negativity with kindness and compassion
  10. Teach yourself to become the change you want to see in others

By practicing these 10 little stress reducers, you will find that you can handle everything you need to do, without getting burnt out in the process. Just try practicing one step a day and see how that day went and then try another step until you learn to practice these steps automatically. Life is good and will continue to be good, as long as you learn to keep balance in your life.

Remember, its just one thing at a time and you will get through the holidays.


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