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Dreaming of Summer on Cape Cod

A visit to the Sea Crest Beach Hotel in North Falmouth, MA

Just hearing the words “Cape Cod” brings thoughts of long lazy summer days, days of sand castles, sun, and cool salt water. Now, in the middle of the winter we need a little reminder of a relaxing vacation on the beach. We’re anxious to exchange our shovels of snow for a shovel of sand, trading […]

Ice Skating – Boston’s Favorite Winter Sport

3 Top Rinks For You to Enjoy

When the first frosty winter air arrives, thoughts of ice skating –  Boston’s favorite winter outdoor sport – inspire everyone to seek out the  closest rink.  Fortunately, great places to ice skate can be found all over the  city. When you visit Boston or nearby Cambridge during the winter months, you can  have a lot […]

The Charlesmark, at the Center of the Universe

Copley Square, Boston

Just an hour’s drive from Rhode Island is the center of the universe. Just ask any Bostonian, they’ll be proud to tell you that the universe revolves around Boston – the “Hub” of the universe. And while the Boston Common is more famous, the center of Boston is Copley Square. It’s where all the action […]

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