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In Step With American History

Walking Boston's Freedom Trail

Recent studies show that the human brain retains more facts when learned while indulging in some physical activity, such as jumping, running and walking. USA history could be included in this theory, and you may just learn and remember enough about the American Revolution to win game shows while walking Boston’s Freedom Trail! Four kilometres […]

Light as a feather…

The magic of nature revealed by a clutch of eggs

One crisp spring day, with last winter’s leaves scattered along our path and crinkling under our feet, we explored the thickened wooded area surrounding our hiking path. The trail that we chose happened to belong to a private area, which we are members. The air was cool; just enough to capture our breaths as we […]

A Whaling We Will Go

New Bedford, Massachusetts

New Bedford, Massachusetts was once the whaling capital of the world until 1925 when petroleum took over. Even today it boasts a profitable fishing fleet. Because of its maritime history, the city itself is a cornucopia of ethnic and racial diversity. Anyone of a seafaring nature finds his home here and fortune at sea. Because […]

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