Carol Aust at the Harrison Gallery

Williamstown, MA gallery features work of Carol Aust in acrylic on canvas and wood, Jan 7-31

The Harrison Gallery will be presenting a solo exhibition of paintings by Carol Aust from January 7 – 31, 2012.  This is Aust’s third solo show with the Harrison Gallery.

Carol Aust, a California native, was educated at the University of California at Berkeley before moving on to receive her B.A. from California State University in Chico.

Aust paints in acrylic on canvas and wood panels from her studio in Oakland. Her figurative paintings are emotionally-charged narrative fragments infused with mysterious tension and secrecy. She often places her figures in precarious environments where anything could happen. Sometimes celebratory, sometimes lonely and disturbing, her paintings express a wide range of human desire and yearning. Aust describes her work as;

“… an exposing of secrets. I paint feelings and experiences that I’m certain are unique to my journey, only to discover in the sharing that others are on the same path.”

Aust’s work consistently features strong and vibrant colors along with figures that are both engaging and vulnerable. Through her own private study she has been influenced by artists such as Emil Nolde, Marc Chagall, Kathe Kollwitz, and the German expressionists.

The Harrison Gallery is located at 39 Spring Street in Williamstown, MA.  Gallery hours are Monday – Saturday, 10AM to 5:30PM, Sunday 11AM to 4PM.  For further information, please contact The Harrison Gallery at (413) 458-1700 or visit our website at

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