Rest AND Adventure

A Weekend Getaway to Gloucester Massachusetts

New England offers so many places with new experiences, and pleny of others with peace and quiet, but it’s a special joy to find a place within driving distance that offers both in abundance. For a recent weekend getaway, we scurried off to Cape Ann to Gloucester Massachusetts. Even though I pride myself for knowing […]

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Three Million Daffodils

Annual Nantucket Island Daffodil Festival

From early April to mid-May over three million daffodils of every color, shape and size will bloom on Nantucket Island, a world-class resort just 30 miles off the coast of Massachusetts. This blossoming, and the advent of spring itself, is the focal point of the Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Daffodil Festival during the […]

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Snacks on a Plane!

For some, a peanut snack is more dangerous than a snake. How to handle it on your flight.

Few situations can provoke more anxiety for people with peanut or tree-nut allergies than having an allergic reaction while flying on an airplane and being unable to get help. But in a new study, published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology-In Practice, researchers found passengers who engaged in eight mitigating factors were less […]

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I Have To Fly WHERE?

How Business Travellers Can Stay Safe in the Worlds Hotspots

 Business travellers increasingly find themselves needing to visit hotspots. Outside Europe and America, many countries need special care. Obviously, Iraq wouldn’t be the number one choice for a business trip. But other countries, like Saudi Arabia or parts of the Far East, require attention too. Horrific stories of kidnapping and murder scare anyone planning to […]

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